Thursday, November 26, 2009


In love, we must understand that it takes hard work, for that we are working on something great. We tend to misplace our love ones position, and take love for granted. Love is form of many things, and one of which is honor. Honor those who are in your life, for that it was faith was who drove you guys together. Be thankful for everything you have in your life, and take the time to just say "Thank you". Honoring is hard, but it is a start, that will build upon, not only your relationship, but your character. Appreciation is a form of honor. Forget the past and the pains that you went through and just love and cherish one another. Many people tends to grasp back to the pain, and it is hard to just let go and forgive, but understand that if we all just let go, and start over fresh, we not only save our relationship with people, but we become a better person. Why? Because you understand yourself more, and you will build love upon yourself. Just by letting go and understanding that the past is behind you, you will understand how much you can handle in a situation, how much love you can have for someone, and above all, you will understand how to love yourself. Take the time to thank someone, because it is a act of love, and love is not only shown through voice of tongues, but through action.

Love is honoring when we "think" they do not deserve it, but we still do it. When you thank someone you do not think they deserve it from you, they will not only appreciate it, but understand love in a different perspective. Just by showing that love towards someone else in your life, they will grasp that, and learn how to love. Honoring someone you do not think deserve it, will build love upon yourself, because you will understand what is it to truly love. Love is not hard, nor easy, but it takes hard work. Just by being thankful for them, is just the beginning. Today, be thankful for who you have in your life, and this is just the beginning to be more thankful more often.

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