Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Your attitude will reflect on the people you meet everyday. Before you can face other people, face yourself. Some of you people today, sit in a constant wonders of why things happen to you, and why you cannot move forward in life, but never start to think and reflect upon yourself. Isn't one's mirror shows the reflection of ones self? Don't we take in what we let out? We need to build upon attitude, before we search in longitude. How you face people, will determine what kind of relationship you will have with them. If you are always angry all the time, you will have people, who cannot stand anger, always turn their backs on you. We must find ourselves deep within the surface we put out to the world, because some of us are just so completely covered by bad attitudes, that it tends to control you. We need to change perspectives, because how can I question my life, if I never tried to "fix" it? Our behaviors will determine the things and actions you will do in aspect of your relationship with other people.

The things and behaviors we do is the only way to cop with our situations. Meaning the way we do things in about our lives, is a way to handle and understand our situation in life. We tend to have certain attitude in certain ways because we tend to be in denial. Those who say that attitude problems cannot be fixed, is only denying the fact that it can be, and by that, they cop with the situation by continuing to do the things they do, and choose to continue to ignore the fact that it can be, but chooses to not do anything.

Before we can even "change" ourselves, ask yourself: "Why? Why am I always upset at things? Why is my attitude problems aren't going away? Is it because I feel like nothing in my life is going the way I want it to go?" Before we can come to an conclusion, try to understand this: a farm can be fruitful, if we harvest daily. We cannot sit here and just be upset for no reasons. Now ask yourself:"Did I tried? Am I moving?"

One thing that we have to understand is that the mood that we are in, is an option we choose to be in. We have full control on how we go about tings. When you hear that people cannot control their angry, tell them that they are wrong. Angry, and as well as the rest of the emotion states that we tend to be under, can be control. For example, when you are arguing with someone at home, and the phone rings, would you bring that angry towards that person on that phone? It would then depends on who is calling, and why they are calling. So really, these feelings we have are control by us. Though we choose to be angry, the level angry is determine by the personality. There is up to a limit where a person reaction towards a certain current event can be changed by simply changing perspective.

Your friends will determine what type of person you will turn out. It is likely that the groups that you surround yourself daily is the result to the behaviors and habits that you will encounter. Before you can blame anyone for your attitude problems, ask yourself: "Are the poeple around me helping my situation get any better?" We tend to attract people who would want us in their lives. Your attitude will not bring the people who do not like your attitude in your life. One of the biggest question you can ask yourself: "Would I be my own friend, if I were not me?"

The things that you do will determine the type of habits you will pick up. Why are the friends I have, my friends and why are the friends I want, not my friends? Do not question the values of your relationship with people, but questions the reasons. Our attitude problem cannot be fixed by your friends, but examining your friends that are in your friend and understanding how much of a effect they have, will help fix your problem. We tend to forget that we hold the option of the TYPE of people we let in, BUT not the people themselves. For that the people are in your life was by faith's purpose. By just trying to change your perspective, your moods, your attitude, and your behavior, can determine which type of people will enter your life. By that alone, you will see who are the people in your life really are and who truly stays, and who we need to let go of.
Changing your attitude alone is not easy, nor hard. It depends on how much of the potential you have in changing.How much work you put in, will determine the outcome of your results.

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