Monday, November 23, 2009


Although you might think that not all things are fixable, it is not up to us to decide that. Only faith will determine what is and what isn't fixable. we need to just let go and understand that everything you go through have a purpose in life. We cannot fix what is not fixable, but instead just allow things to happen. Sometimes the best relationships are one that is not fixable by man, but by faith. Allow things to just happen, and just let go. We cannot force love to take place, but if we just do our part, then we know that we did all we can to "fix" things. Do not take it upon yourself to over do things, for that it will lead to something you may not be able to handle. Ask yourself the next time, "Is this who I really want to be with, if it has to come to this point that I have to change my ways or to do something I am not comfortable doing?" Although love isn't always comfortable, we need to understand that it is a place that two people meet in compatibility. Take this in the sense that I am not saying to work hard to save your relationship, but that if you just put yourself in, and allow faith to do the rest, you will save your relationship. Do not, again, do not want something more than you know you can not have, and just let go what you know what you need to let go. If you have done your part in saving the relationship, and that person is still has their back turn, ask yourself : "Is this who I really want to be with, after all the faith I have given into this"

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