Thursday, November 26, 2009


We tend to be indecisive about things. This is what leads to many road blocks our your relationships. Indecisive-problems start from many different directions and in many different situations. It is a form of holding back, fear of something you are not sure of, and a form of denial. Indecisiveness will cause may problems in your life, it will cause you over think things, and your mind will deceive you with your heart. When you become so indecisive about something, your mind will lead you somewhere that you cannot/may not handle. It will cause you to break down, and destroy your relationship, because you did not allow things to just happen on its own. When you are indecisive, you doubt your faith, and your relationship. Ask yourself the next time your over-thinking something: Do I not have trust and confidence in myself and in my relationship?

Indecisive is holding back on something you are kind of sure of, but are not sure of it, in another hand. It is like watching a baseball game with the best team going against the worst team, but you know in your heart, that the best team will win, but you cannot decide which team you are going for, because you are held back from the possibility of doubt. When you hold back, you will effectively cause your relationship to have many problems because you will take too much control on something you should not have control over. Not to say that we cannot have control on our emotions, feeling, and of course, our relationship, but there is up to a limit, at where we should just let it go, and just allow things to fall into place. Do you not have any strength to face any possible outcome and knowing that you have faith that you can?

When we reach a certain point in our relationship or in life, we become afraid of things. We become afraid, because we cannot decide what is good and what is needed, and we tend to forget what is best for us. We then become afraid when things happen, and tend to fall back and hide in our closest, until we "figure" things out. We cannot be afraid, because it lacks self confidences and self awareness within ourselves. Do you not know yourself the best? When we become indecisive about things, we become afraid of the results/outcomes, because we cannot separate reality and with possibility. We tend to over think things and try to figure things out, but we do not hold the answers to something that has not been solved yet. Do not try to over think things, because if we have faith in ourselves, then what ever happens in the situation, it was for a purpose that it happened. If we have done our part and still the situation hasnt gotten any better, let go and allow faith to take control.

Denial falls into indecisiveness. WHY? Because those who are indecisive, 50% of the time they know the real outcome of the situation without thinking about it, but chooses to deny that. We tend to block off the real reasons, outcome, and decisions when it comes to indecisiveness. We tend to bend the truth to cope with the situation and telling ourselves what we want to hear. Are you denying the fact that your relationship can get better, but is so afraid that you put a road block to cope with your emotional states? Stop denying! It will cause you to think about a false statement, because you allow your heart to deceive you in thinking the other way. When you become indecisive, you block out all good reasons to choose one way, and create another way in thinking about things.

Indecisiveness will cause you to think the other way, but you cannot deny faith. Allow faith to take over, and you will understand that things happen for a reason. A wise man chooses to have two roads to choose from, but a wiser man knows which to take. Ask yourself: Why am I always indecisive with my relationship?

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